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SWPA Affiliate Organization Submission Guidelines
All organizations will use the online submission application, but each affiliate organization will set its own guidelines.  Unless other wise noted, deadlines for all affiliate organizations are the same as the SWPA deadlines: 12:00 a.m. CST October 1 to 11:59:59 p.m. CST December 9, 2015.  Exceptions are SAMR Deadline: 16 December, 2015 and SCBNA Deadline: 31 December, 2015.

Psi Chi

Guidelines for Submissions to Psi Chi Talk and Poster Sessions (all first authors must be graduate or undergraduate members of Psi Chi):

  • All submissions to the Psi Chi portion of the program should follow the SWPA abstract submission process (e.g. word length, format, etc.).  However, on the first page of the abstract submission process, be sure to indicate Psi Chi as the group to which you are submitting.
  • Submissions must contain empirical results (data) to be considered for the Psi Chi program.
  • Every Psi Chi submission is automatically considered for a Psi Chi research award, provided the submission reflects a completed study. Research awards will not be given for incomplete research. 
  • If a Psi Chi member wishes to submit to the SWPA student competition, then indicate SWPA rather than Psi Chi as the group to which you are submitting. As part of the SWPA student competition submission process, there will be a step to indicate that you are a Psi Chi member. By indicating you are a Psi Chi member at this step, you will start a process that will allow you to be placed in the Psi Chi part of the program and be considered for a Psi Chi research award if you are not selected to be a finalist in the SWPA student competition. Submissions by Psi Chi members that are selected as SWPA competition finalists will not be eligible for Psi Chi research awards.
    • If you choose to have your work considered for a Psi Chi research award in the case you are not a SWPA finalist, you should enter two abstracts. The first abstract (1500-2000 word) will be for the SWPA student competition (see the website for guidelines). The second abstract (separate field in the submission process) will be the standard abstract (500 word maximum) that is used for regular Psi Chi and SWPA submissions.
  • Please note that all authors / co-authors of Psi Chi submissions must be dues current SWPA student members prior to submitting an abstract.  Follow the online instructions for creating a member profile and paying dues.

Send questions to Dr. Evan Zucker (zucker@loyno.edu)

    Guidelines for the Society for Applied Multivariate Research (SAMR) Poster Session Submissions:
    • Anyone is welcome to submit a poster to this session -- not just SAMR members.  Use the SWPA submission process. Select the SAMR organization as the organization to which you are submitting.
    • Posters that are submitted to SAMR should follow SWPA guidelines for posters – with the following exception: SAMR will accept posters that describe a “work in progress” (i.e. do not have to have results and conclusion).  Preliminary results may be substituted with a preliminary discussion of findings.
    • Any content area may be covered (e.g., Social/Personality, Experimental, Cognitive, Developmental)
    • We are looking for posters that highlight the quantitative approach to addressing research questions, whether from experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental design OR...
    • Posters that highlight measurement issues or the development or evaluation of psychological measures
    • Posters may either illustrate work in progress or a completed research study

    Specific questions about submissions to the SAMR poster session may be directed to: Jeanne Burdsal: jeanne.burdsal@wichita.edu


    Guidelines for the Southwestern Teaching of Psychology Submissions (Talks, Posters, Symposia, Workshops, and Brief Teaching Demonstrations):
    • Select SWToP as the organization to which you are submitting.
    • Presenting authors must be dues paid SWPA members (i.e. at minimum the first author).  Additional authors may be dues-paid SWPA members or  non-members.
    • Pedagogical research abstracts should follow the guidelines outlined for SWPA abstract submissions for talks, symposia, and posters.
    Descriptions of Submissions:
    • Talks are 20-minute (15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions) research presentations including background information, methodology, data analysis, and discussion.  Most people provide slides for the audience to follow.
    • Posters include research presentations (see requirements for talks above) OR instructional methods/teaching demonstrations including purpose, audience, and implications, with a description of the demonstration on the poster.  Please provide a handout for attendees.  SWPA will provide boards and easels, 40” high by 84” wide.
    • Symposia are talk sessions involving multiple presentations (by separate presenters) covering a common topic related to teaching, and may be research-based or instruction-based.  The symposium must include a chair, and involve three or four presentations, all of which are submitted as one proposal. There are two options for Symposium length: 1 hour or 1.5 hours.
    • Workshops may cover a research area or instructional methods with purpose, audience, and implications outlined in the abstract.  Workshops should include an interactive component to involve the audience. There are two options for Workshop length: 1 hour or 1.5 hours.
    • Brief teaching demonstrations are 10-15 minute demonstrations including teaching ideas, instructional methods, and short classroom demonstrations.  Please provide a handout for attendees.  The submission abstract should include the purpose, audience, and implications.
    If you have questions, please contact Dr. Amy Bohmann at (abohmann@tamusa.tamus.edu)


    Guidelines for the Southwestern Comparative and Behavioral Neuroscience Association (SCBNA) Talk and Poster Session Submissions:
    • Individuals who wish to submit to SCBNA should be a member of SCBNA.  Contact Dr. Perry Fuchs (fuchs@uta.edu) to join.
    • Abstracts should follow the guidelines outlined for SWPA talk/poster abstract submissions.  Select SCBNA as the organization to which you are submitting.

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