Executive Council Members

The Executive Council (EC) of the Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) consists of nine voting members, all of whom were elected by SWPA membership. The President, Past President, and President-Elect comprise the Presidents' Council (PC), and the Representatives consist of four Professional Representatives, one Graduate Representative, and one Undergraduate Representative.

Presidents' Council



Past President


Professional representatives are elected from SWPA membership to serve two-year terms in office. There are four professional representatives. Half of the professional representatives are up for re-election each year. Below, this information is represented by: * = in first year as representative. ** = in second year as representative; will be up for re-election in the spring.

Graduate representatives and undergraduate representatives serve one-year terms and are up for re-election each spring.

Professional Representative**

Professional Representative**

Professional Representative*

Professional Representative*

Graduate Representative

Undergraduate Representative

Appointed Staff Positions

Staff positions in SWPA are appointed by the EC and are assessed on a yearly basis. Staff members include the Executive Officer, Treasurer, Membership Registrar, Program Chair, Secretary, Newsletter Coordinator, Elections COmmissioner, and Conference Manager.

Executive Officer


Membership Registrar

Program Chair


Newsletter Coordinator

Elections Commissioner

Conference Manager

Finance Committee Chair

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