SWPA 2018 Convention

The 2018 Convention will take place in Houston, Texas from April 13-15, 2018.

This year's convention is focused on applying psychological research to solve the challenges of tomorrow. These challenges may range from climate change to political divisiveness. For invited speakers, we have an excellent group of researchers with expertise in applying psychological concepts to challenging situations.

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More information about the conference theme, and speakers:

Invited Speakers

SWPA Invited Speaker

SWPA Invited Speaker

Dr. Edward Maibach

George Mason University

Center for Climate Change Communication

Dr. Chris Crandall

University of Kansas

Department of Psychology



SWPA Invited Speaker

SWToP Invited Speaker

Dr. Conor Seyle

One Earth Future

Dr. Loreto Prieto

Iowa State University



SAMR Invited Speaker



Dr. Simine Vazire

University of California - Davis


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